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18 August, 2017

Touch Down: Mallorca

We've arrived!! Albeit a little too early for our hotel apparently who's check-in wasn't available until 12 p.m. but we made due, locking our suitcases up and locating the pool bar for some coffee, beer, and cocktails to pass the time.

After receiving our rooms and unpacking, Mads and I made our way into town to see what our surroundings were and what they had to offer, joining the rest of the family down by the pool for a quick dip and a few more rounds of drinks before shining ourselves up a bit for dinner and washing away that travel ickiness.

We finished off our first day in Santa Ponsa with an evening walk a little deeper into town and on the beach that presented the most beautiful sunset!  I took so many pictures, I decided it needed a post all on its own (so stay tuned)!



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