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11 August, 2017

To Be Or Not To Be

Following our hike at Tisvildeleje the fam drove down by the coast all the way up to Helsingør, gawking at the stunning houses in Holbæk that Lina and I have now sworn will sit beside our shared summer home someday, along the way.  After being asked to graffiti the side of a badass Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich food cart in yet another industrial building that's become a foodie haven the group made in just in time to sneak in an ice cream to enjoy on our walk around Kronborg Castle, famously known as Elsinore in Shakespeare's Hamlet.  GOD I WANT A CASTLE SO BAD, UGH.

Later on that evening my project/debatable purpose for this trip began!  Pernille became completely enamoured with the abstract paintings of mine that my Daddy had strewn throughout his flat's walls in Arizona and had asked me a few days before we left Svendborg if I would possibly be willing to...wait for it...paint over two giant, professionally paintings!!  She wasn't messing about. HONOURED AND BEYOND STOKED.

I'd never painted on this large of a canvas before and while I never plan out what to create past having an idea, failing at concretely painting it and proceeding to delve into my slightly insane-looking world of abstract, this required a bit more mapping out!! I was put in their garden shed, just me, my tools and not one but two dauntingly sized paintings to make into my own, later to be hung in *gulp* their living room instead of another two they currently have up.  NO PRESSURE.

Thank you all for a magnificent day!  It was so magnificent in fact that Lina and I decided to spend one extra day with the crew, also giving us more time to paint! Love it.



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