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01 August, 2017


One of three graduation parties rolled around, and our "little" August finished his time at Svendborg gymnasium and with a 12 (the highest you can receive) for his final exam nonetheless!!

 Before celebrating, Lina and I circled around town with our CV's, shoving them through every damn door with the hopes that, although a bit late in the summer season to search for jobs, that following up places where I'd already sent my CV's in while still London-based and showing up personally might aid our chances.  Lina's been working at Svendborg Sund for the past month but is looking to move on and although I was kindly invited back to work for the amazing crew out at the Vester Skerninge Kro I was, at the time unsure as to where I'd be for the summer and/or if I'd be working.  I so enjoyed my time with them last summer but when the only way you can get through your shift is with a back brace, knee brace, and ankle might want to look for a smaller place or, optimally, a job outside of the body crippling hospitality industry.  Fingers crossed!!

Aperol Spritz, vino, tapas, coffee all served in the cozy comfort of the Nissens garden as family and friends alike gathered with presents in hand (some slightly bigger in size than others...) to offer their well wishes and congratulations to the successful handsome grad boy. *Round of applause*

I can't believe it's been four years since I finished gymnasium!! What the hell?! Proud of you August and your gorgeous sissy as well (who's just finished her Bachelors in Architecture).  Wishing you both all of the best of luck for the future and for one hell of a summer!



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