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20 August, 2017

Sunlight & Starlight

Our first proper day was spent, as can be expected, on the beach!!

Plenty of wine (though no glasses...whoops!) and beer to go around as we coated ourselves in sunscreen and alternated between revelling in that fantastic frying feeling that comes with catching rays and swimming, floating, and playing Volleyball out in the ocean.  The water was the perfect temperature and with a pair of swimming goggles on you could see all of the fish going on about their days underneath us.

I started my new book, "A Year In Provence" by Peter Mayle and so far, so good!  It provides an artistically and humourously written insight as to the life--expected and unexpected--that comes along with selecting this city as one to call home and the massive role food culture plays.

Later on in the evening we ventured up to the hotel's rooftop bar and my, what a view!! All of the lights on the boats on the water twinkling like fallen stars, the city below bustling and yet, across the way, although filled with life, somehow calm.

Not a bad start to the week...



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