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06 August, 2017

Sankt Hans/Midsummer 2017

Another year, another dreary, rainy Sankt Hans/Midsummer's eve.  Happy that Lina could join us this year though and that the OG crew could make it over as well for some light, yummy summery food and a good time.  Lina explained our outfits to the guest in the simplest, although pretty spot-on terms: she was the sun and I was the witch...I'll take it!!

I know I'm constantly in a state of shock over how quickly time passes by but this year really is something else!!  Christmas seems to be right around the damn corner even as we're only just finishing up June (but how are we already finishing up June?!) I KNOW I'M NOT ALONE IN THIS. I tried to stretch out as much of the day as possible, excusing myself after our third and final course to get some work done upstairs over a good night glass of red wine and a cigarette or two.

Hope all of you celebrating had a great day and got better weather than we did here!



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