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05 August, 2017


Two days after Michala got her hat on, Mormor had her high school reunion party ('tis the season...). The group went out to have lunch together, later arriving at our house thereafter for coffee, cake, fruit, snacks etc. so they'd have a little extra time to catchup and reminisce.

Lina and I promised Mormor that we'd get everything food and drink related ready for when the guests arrived so that she wouldn't have to drive back and forth, stressing out and missing out on quality time with her old friends.

Everything went off without a hitch and it sounds like everyone enjoyed their day.  Mormor was over-the-moon happy (lil cutie) with our presentation and setup and ever-so thankful for our help which just makes it all beyond worth that one bloody hour of our time.

We had agreed to have a proper meet up and catchup of our own with Albærte (Augusts' big sister) some time in the week before she was off to Copenhagen to flat hunt and ÆrØ to work and chill at their summer house.  Lina and I grabbed a light dinner and a first round of drinks before she joined us, having been busy setting up the house for the following day where August and all of his classmates would arrive at their house for food and drinks, the first stop on their truck ride.

Lovely seeing this beautiful lady (my first and forever girl crush) again.  Thank you for wonderful conversations and wonderful company!  Hopefully not as much time passes between our next catchup sesh.



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