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17 August, 2017

Patience Is A Virtue

With a little bit of a pre-tan, my suitcases packed and temporary farewells to the family in Svendborg doled out, I made my way to Odense so to drive with Tove, Ole, Helene, & Bo the following morning to Helsingør.  We had decided it would be easier to spend the day there with Kent, Charlotte, and Mads over a few drinks and catchup convos, a meat-packed dinner in town, and sneaking in some zzz's before making our way to Copenhagen International Airport in the obscenely early hours of the morning so that our holiday trip to Mallorca could begin.

Although not without stressors, we were on our way!


P.S. I finished '32 Yolks' in 24 hours it was so good!! Expect a "review" coming your way soon ;)


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