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08 August, 2017

More Like Home

Due to a change of plans and the realisation that our summer schedules could only sync up for one specific weekend, Lina and I headed off to Hillerød to visit Pernille, Henrik, and our two cousins, Anders & Andreas instead of going to Tinderbox in Odense.

We arrived at Copenhagen main station around noon, ready to walk about, wander, and explore a bit of a city that has grown so much in the past few years.  Perhaps somehow because of that growth, in turn with the memories I have from there prior to moving to London, I find myself feeling more and more home with every visit.

The first stop on our "tour" was the old meat-packing district, now home to a plethora of restaurants and food trucks in every variation and from there, Pernille & Henrik told us a bit about the history of certain buildings, streets, monuments etc. in the most central part of the city.  After grabbing a bite to eat in this huge industrial building that's now been made into a one-stop-shop for every kind of food you can imagine (the name escapes me...) we drove to an area of CPH called Nørrebro to soak up some more culture (and take endless pictures of the amazing graffiti art), fawn over the amazing second-hand furniture shops, grab some coffee, and get soaked to the bone by the gnarliest of downpours I've witnessed in Denmark.

It was raining back and forth before but after it'd cleared up for some time we thought we'd be safe to just leave the brollies in the car for the remainder of our trip...bad idea.  What a sight we must have been!!  I couldn't see out of eye yes anymore, mascara, eyeliner, and eyeshadow all bleeding into one dark black cloud around my eyes and running all the way down to my chin!! We braved it as long as we could but c'mon, when you physically don't feel an inch of your body that's dry, can't see where you're going and have blue marks forming on your feet from your leather sandals, it's time to call it a day!

After changing into some dry clothes and chatting with the cousins for a bit and jamming out to a newly discovered favourite artist of the house, we were presented with the dinner feast!! I can't remember the last time I ate that much!! Even Lina asked me if I was okay because she, as my sister, couldn't recall ever having witnessed such a scarf-down on my behalf.  DELICIOUSNESS, MKAY?


Wet rats


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