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04 August, 2017

Mikki's Big Day

Another day, another event (summer'17 motto) and surprise, surprise, another early morning! 

The day of Michala's final gymnasium exam and thereby her time to get that long-awaited grad hat on arrived.  This girl has worked her ass off throughout school and was so deserving of her final mark (12) as well as the new-found possibility to fully revel in the beauty of having reached this milestone. 

 Lina and I hiked up to meet Mikki's Mama and the boy (Mikkel) at their place, claimed a table at the school, and got out our flags, flowers, and (most importantly) the booze!  Joined by her father, brother, grandmother and a flock of equally excited friends, we all anxiously stood by the door waiting, hoping, for that look of total relief and that famous ear-to-ear Mikki grin.  She came with the biggest smile, hat in hand and with good news.  

So, so proud of you sweet girl and very happy that both Lina and myself could make it to your big day!  It was Lina's first Danish graduation experience as due to exams, she was unable to make it to mine and as much of a culture shock as she says it was, this was such a big day for her as well.  8 years have past now since she first met Mikki and even with an ocean between them, they've kept contact, their friendship only strengthening and evolving through these years.  Michala knew and was perfectly content and willing in that Lina would be vicariously living through her on this day as she would never get to experience it herself otherwise.  I think it's safe to say both of my girls had a phenomenal day and for that, I'm as happy as I am grateful!!

After an endless supply of hugs and pictures, Lina and I walked back home with enough time to get a few things checked off the to-do list before the party started and we began prep for what was sure to be a long night ahead.  A few early 2000's hits, dance breaks and pictures later, Mormor dropped us off at Michala's where celebrations were already in full swing.  

We came, we saw, we conquered (the kitchen spread...) and after a few casual mingle sessions, wine glasses in hand, it was just the kiddos left over and the event was kicked into another gear where Vodka shot became drinks, a different take on beer bowling was smashed, French rap sessions broke out, casual legal and familial conversations found their place, girl crushes formed (and were confessed), wine nerds' rambled on and intense group dances took over.

Happy graduation you beautiful little creature you!! All the best to you on what will surely be a positive and successful journey ahead.


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