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15 August, 2017

Made For Prancing

I've long-since given up on buying expensive bikinis, my original, quite logical, "investment" idea going out the window after the disappointment of my rather heftily-priced Victoria's Secret bikinis dying on me after just a season or two.

Lina and I were running around in Target swimsuits as far back as I can recall and they never died. While we were picking up some moving boxes from there in Arizona back in February, we, like every other Target customer on the face of the planet, ended up walking out with a lot more than what we originally came for!!

They were having a huge bikini sale and with summer inevitably coming (sooner for some of us than others as Lina was due to fly out to both Florida and the Cayman Islands at this point), we of course decided to dive in and see if we could find a few pieces.

Lina successfully walked out with three new bikinis as well as an adorable pair of rainbow string sandals and I got approximately double...though mostly bottoms for some strange reason!  Featured below is one of the sets that I got to prance around in.

For those of you based in The States and loving this look, a similar pair of bottoms is available here and the exact top here.  For those of you not based in the US of A, get yourself a friend over there that you can buy bikinis through because, seriously, it's so worth it!! I believe they ship internationally but be careful with those import charges!

Target's swimsuits, in my experience, last years and years without any noticeable wear and tear (okay, maybe after 10 years time but that's a pretty good lifespan for a swimsuit!) in the fabric or colour and they're reasonably priced, especially in comparison to what else is on the market.  There's a design, shape, colour, and cut for everyone, always giving you an option to mix up your summer style with something fresh, new, fun, and equally importantly (says the pragmatist), durable!

P.S. Any negative comments will be deleted.  I'm no bikini model and even if I was, criticism towards my body is as much a waste of my time as it is yours and isn't your place to criticise to begin with.

You don't know of someone's insecurities, story, or the time, efforts and struggles put in to reaching a certain point both physically and mentally and should you choose to distribute hateful comments in posession of such knowledge, might I suggest for you to take a good, long, hard look in the mirror.

Don't like it? Don't look at.

Spread love and support, this world is too cruel and life to short to do anything but.

Big love,


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