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13 August, 2017


We spent our 4th. of July essentially having forgotten about the entirety of the day with the exception of both of us saying, "Happy Birthday, America" to one another.  We ran a few errands up in town together and spent the rest of the day reading over multiple cups of coffee, tea, and romkugler if I do recall accurately.

I'd finished one of my final coursework assignments (as I deferred them until August) the day prior and had just been knocking the heftiest of items off my to-do list with the torrential downpour outside and was inching towards now being in total chill-out mode.

I'd finished Padma Lakshmi's "Love, Loss, And What We Ate: A Memoir" that night as well and it comes highly, highly recommended.  It's an inspiring, insightful story about a remarkable woman filled with wondrous recipes and facts and stories from a culture I'd love to know more about (every culture that is, my own included :P

With a voracious appetite for reading, I sought out a new book immediately.  Thisbring us to another must-read that I, admittedly, have been quite delayed with.   "I Am Malala"  is a book that, similar to Padma's, should be read by every woman, specifically, though not limited to, out there.  This girl's courage, beautifully sprawled across the pages alongside the history of Pakistan, the influence and perception of Western power, her family's roles in her upbringing, campaign for girls' education, and journey overall will move you, surely providing you with an altered perspective.  I must have been trying to make up for that lost time as I polished it off in a day...

Lina and I spent the 5th. out at Mama's, relishing in the fact that the sun did indeed still exist and with it finally making an appearance again, were eager to soak up every last drop  Before we alternated between attempting to polish off our books and round after round of "500" over hummus and pita and Danish sweeties, my #1 photographer, Lina, helped sort me out with not one but two summery OOTD's as well so keep an eye out!


Hope you all have had a brilliant start to July, 2017 :)


When your surprise romkugler are moist AF.


Denmark celebrated the 4th. of July better than we did.


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