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12 August, 2017

Grand Finale

Our final day was spent painting, re-painting and painting some more. As genuinely proud and happy I was with the turn-out of the first piece I did, come daylight (meaning when there actually was light) it appeared as though what was a blood red, splattered across a canvas of different greens, black, and white, turned out as this mysteriously neon salmon-like colour.  I hoped to have found a way to paint over just this but unsurprisingly, no avail.  I had just finished the second painting (twice) and wound up continuing in a wildly different direction that originally intended but in the end they both looked much better than I'd expected.

Lina joined me, painting two fresh canvases to hang in our guestroom and ugh, I love love love the colours she used!! She's not usually an abstract painter and admits it isn't her forté but given Pernille's obsession with that kind of art, she gave it her best go and now I'm jealous that they're not mine to hang up in my home!!

Pernille and Henrik were both constantly checking in, sneaking a peak, thoroughly confused with how on Earth my start point could possibly have wound up looking like the final product. Thankfully, after a few hours work, the new sibling paintings were ready for their reveal and Pernille couldn't wipe that smile off her face!! She wanted to skip work the next day literally just so that she could give them a proper look as she hung them up on her wall.  Very cool to have been presented with the challenge of not just painting on much more space than I'm used to but also to somehow, without any requests or guidance, create something that would fit into the centre of their home and fit their taste simultaneously.

If y'all were just lying with all of that hype, excitement, and countless smiles then you can totally just take them down until we come to visit next time ;)

Anders joined us for our last dinner and for yet another castle and ice cream walk, this time, a stone's throw away from him and his lovely girlfriend Sofia's new apartment in Hillerød.  This castle has been undergoing restoration for what seems like years now and the finished product is nothing short of amazing.  This castle in definitely one of my favourites, largely due to the perfectly trimmed, magical gardens it has.  I don't think I'll ever tire of visiting these amazing works of architectural art. Every single time I'm in a state of total awe just thinking about how many bricklayers, painters, many hands were used in their creation without the aid of any modern tools or safety precautions and the amount of time that it took to build fortresses straight out of a story book.

The trip went back to Fyn bright and early that Tuesday morning where, upon our arrival in Svendborg around 11:30, neither of us understood how on earth we'd been up for five hours already and while Lina headed straight to bed, I somehow powered on until 3 AM preppin' blog posts for y'all ;)

Thank you thank you thank you to Pernille & Henrik for having us and showing us around this magical fairytale country that we know and love and continuously find more reasons to!



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