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30 August, 2017

Don't You Drop That Alcohol

Another day, another opportunity to chill out, drinks in hand at the beach, taking in all of the beautiful Spanish sights, sun and later, food options!! 

Kent, Mads, Charlotte and myself had grabbed a bite to eat at a local restaurant and after such a positive experience, we made plans for later to go out for some dinner as well but this time, at another place.  We should have just gone back to our lunchtime spot!! Unfortunately for us, the restaurant we'd ended up selecting was crazy busy and for some reason just kept on accepting tables.  After we realised a table of eight that had been seated long after us had already received their food, us now having waited over an hour for our (disappointing) starters and thereafter another 40 min. for our mains, we decided to cancel the rest of our meal and just head to another place instead.  

Thankfully, in our locantion, the fact that it's 9 pm didn't mean your dinner options become limited! How typical that as soon as we'd successfully relayed our request to our waiter that our food shows up all of two min. later.  We scoffed it down, absolutely ravenous, settled up and took a drink at a bar nearby and another one closer to our hotel with an amazing view over the ocean before calling it a night and heading back to the rest of the family.



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