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14 August, 2017

Dark Side Of The Moon: An OOTD

Here's what I wore out to Mama's on a well-received sunny summer day in the first week of July.  Mama and I are massive Pink Floyd fans, both in possession of tattoos signifying this (I have my diamond on my left wrist and she has hers, along with the lyrics, "Shine on you crazy..." on her right forearm).  Not going to lie, half of my excitement in purchasing this top (from Forever 21) was delegated towards seeing my Mother's reaction!  

In the excitement of experiencing sunshine I neglected to notice the fact that I was still wearing my bikini underneath but hell, a little too late.  Just adds a bit extra "summer" to the photos!! Speaking of extra...Bølle decided he should be a part of our casual photo shoot as well and with eyes like that, I couldn't bring myself to say no!

Similar crop top available here, skirt here, and similar sandals here ;)


It doesn't seem as though I've lost touch with my inner ballerina...


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