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25 July, 2017


The day before the double silver wedding anniversary was packed full of little mundane tasks to setup for the big event.  One of the biggest tasks, not even remotely mundane in its nature, was when the whole damn fam (well, half, seeing as the other 50% was at Ole's sister's house doing the same thing...hence the double silver wedding anniversary!) arrived to help construct this massive flower arch around the garage entrance.

This was my first silver wedding experience but with my being Danish, no one ever thought to mention anything about the traditions, rather assuming that I was updated on the whole sha-bang (not so much...).  Turns out a lot of these traditions were, unbeknownst to me in their entirety until they were actually happening, tied directly into the event and not just some sort of lovely effort to decorate and prep for the festivities :P

All of this creation must remain a secret to those being celebrated until the morning of, where they will be woken, early in the morning, to the sounds of their nearest and dearest singing.  They follow this "beautiful" symphony of tradition Danish songs, accompanied by musicians, through the house and out the garage (their front door, really), stepping onto the red carpet in their jammies, soaking in the serenade and showering of love, congrats, (AND CONFETTI) before sitting down for breakfast and presents.

A few hours later, with a good amount of blood, sweat, and tears put into our collective effort, everyone satisfied and proud of the finished product, the squad headed inside the house for some hot dogs and drinks before going to bed nice and early!!

I'm so thankful that I could be apart of this love and tradition-filled day and all of the lead-up to it.  I love constantly learning about Danish culture and history and so hope that it all turns out perfectly for the celebrated parties involved.



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