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29 July, 2017

The Best Things In Life Are Free

Lina and I got an early start on things (swear, I'm up earlier on "holiday" than I am on the regular...), heading to a place called Kammerateriet that's started doing a few different things including the "Free Store" which is essentially a drop-off point for anything you don't use anymore that the public can then come in and take for themselves for free.

I love this concept, having done quite a bit of donations in my time to de-clutter in a way that benefits more than one party and specifically because fashion has become one of the most unfriendly sectors for environmental sustainability due to the concept and world of fast-fashion which, I myself, am guilty of.  I make an effort to buy second-hand and thrift when possible but a full 360 is admittedly difficult.  This way, nothing goes to waste and for those struggling financially, it's a brilliant opportunity to pick up anything from a few new pieces of clothing to a new sofa set.

Once we'd finished having a look around we noticed a sign that simply said, "make a fish" which, after I saw another girl drawing a fish on the paper, I of course wanted to as well.  Apparently this sign wasn't just a random thing, actually directing us to a room filled with random items all to be used in the creation of fish to be hung as decoration for an up-and-coming music festival here in Svendborg.

Lina and I decided to go with the randomness we were surrounded by and made a cute little Buffalo fish--the perfect US/DK crossover!! The girls running it seemed to be thoroughly amused by our presence so although or fish was slightly embarrassing in comparison to the impressive creations our fellow Svendborgensers', at least we brought smiles to their faces and for the first time in forever, worked on a project together as sisters.

I walked away with a cute pair of completely new pink Espadrilles in my exact size (luckyyyy) and a red and white oversized blouse that I'm thinking would look hella nice with a pair of leather pants or black ripped jeans a killer pair of black ankle boots.

Lina's a great adventurer, not nearly as lazy as her big sister, she's great at just wandering around a city and in doing so, finding all of these new spots.  We had a quick gander at one of the second-hand stores where Lina picked up a tea cup and saucer to add to the "breakfast tray" she's in the middle of assembling for her return to GW.  On our way up the new "Spanish staircase" Lina showed me one of the new Organic café's that has a great view over the harbour.

We finally sat down for some lunch at Maurtiz where our mutual friend, the adorable Michala, was working.  Her jaw physically dropped when she saw us which is, well, probably the best reaction anyone could get!!

Before I'd even managed to delve into my coffee or either of us had decided on what to order, this giant ice-cream sundae was placed in front of us by her colleague.  We immediately assumed this was Michala's doing but supposedly, according to him, it was because the chef's were testing out a new dessert and since we were so cute (aww boy, you gonna make me blush!), it was up to us to try out and give some feedback.  Count us in!! Anything with frozen banana and that amount of calories has my name an sure-fire interest written all over it.

It was so yummy (though very filling pre-lunch) although both of us agreed that the presentation of the chocolate and nut covered frozen banana pieces was impractical and difficult to eat without getting it everywhere, that being our only advice.  Lina's chicken, curry, bacon, and onion ring sandwich and my tomato, mozzarella, avocado and green pesto sandies arrived and as much as we tried to put our best efforts into demolishing them, their sizes put American serving sizes to shame and neither of us made it more than half way through.  Also, super yummy--another recommendation for anyone visiting this lovely little port town.

Us girlies hopped back home to pack our bags for a sun-filled afternoon out at Mama's countryside sanctuary and made our way up to the bus stop where we discovered an unfortunate and infuriating racist remark graffitied on one of the bridge's pillars.  This sh*t gets my blood boiling and to be honest,  I'm at a point now where, however dismal and hopeless my efforts may appear to on-lookers, every step taken towards an open-minded, accepting, loving world counts for something!!

I always travel with hand sanitizer and a pen and/or permanent marker, not just for the purpose of changing/correcting/wiping out disgusting remarks and symbols, although it's unfortunately often now used for that purpose as well and so, as we awaited our bus, I dumped out half of my hand sanitizer onto a few tissues and vigorously began attempting to remove the words from the cement pillar.   With some avail in washing away the hateful words, I grabbed my pen, crossing out what was left of the slur and replaced it with a better message.

This world needs as much help as I can get so as pathetic as my small act of attempting to erase and replace ignorance with a bit of love may be to some, it might just mean that there will be one less person walking past a hateful scribble of ignorance feeling unwanted and unwelcome.

Mama, Lina, Bølle and I spent the rest of the day soaking up the sunshine in the backyard, jamming out to some music over spiritual books, card games, Trivial Pursuit and a cheeky pizza order.  The next day was spent quite similarly with the exception being some private time with the universe (and Pat Metheney) on my bus ride home and down by the water, soaking in the tragedy and beauty this life gives us.  It was Father's Day in The States,

Remember to spread love, happiness, and always put all of your cards out on the table, saying what you need to say.  Oh, and give your loved ones a hug.  All the time.


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