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25 July, 2017

Silver Days Haze

The house woke up around 5:30 to finish setting up the breakfast table, pick up freshly baked buns and cakes and put the final touches in place outside for when Tove and Ole made their grand entrance a little while later.  They were greeted by a flock of family, friends, and neighbours singing along to our three man band, tears flowing all around as they took it all in, standing in the driveway in their PJ's, underneath the decked out floral arch we'd made the day prior.

The festivities continued indoors, starting with them dancing their wedding dance for us and followed up with a few more songs and shots (oh, Denmark..) in between cheese-topped buns.  Time came to open presents and as generous and lovely as they all were, I'm placing bets right here, right now, that the present us kiddos got them went far up on their list of favourites ;)

We'd all given them a romantic hotel getaway trip and their reactions (specifically Tove's) were absolutely priceless!! Firstly, she joked in saying ehhh, someone had gotten them a new house!! Then, equally happy, she realised what the gift actually was and well, have a look at the pictures below, because they say it so much better.

Once the guests had headed home and we spruced up the place, we played a quick game of dice and jumped right back into bed for a mid-day nap to charge our batteries for the evening's events where the other half of the family and us would meet up in Odense for a collective celebratory dinner for Tove, Ole, Jana, and Finn.

Everything went as planned at the dinner and it was great to see everyone again after so much time. Seeing Anna again (Trine's baby) was like looking at a completely different human being!! She's grown up so, so much and is just the happiest little trooper!  The fact that we're now also best friends is something worth bragging over too I'd say ;)  I won't lie, the majority of my time at the dinner party was spent helping look after the baby and sitting in the corner, heels off, on the floor, having a blast playing with my new fav.

A few of us went out to have a nightcap at a bar nearby that specialises in different beers and rums which, of course, turned into my dragging Kent and Mads home a little past 4 A.M.  I really enjoyed being able to hang out with Trine and Tanja as well again and since Anna was being watched by Martin's siblings, Trine got to have a night out on the town post-baby as well with her cousins.  Just like old times except now we're getting old!

Thank you to everyone who made this day so special, I'm so happy I could be apart of it.
Big love to you all!




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