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24 July, 2017

Sibling Love

Mads and I awoke early the next morning, had a few cups of coffee and a bit of brekkie and headed out the door to visit Mama and Lina in Vester Skerninge and Svendborg.  Mama was our first stop and we were immediately greeted with warm hugs, mass cuddles a'la Bølle, a delicious Marzipan & Nougat tart and more caffeinated beverages.  We spent a few hours walking each other through the newest bits of our lives, got a few Daddy/Arizona details hashed out and sorted, met my newest sibling, Mitzy the kitty who wandered, homeless, abandoned and unfortunately very, very ill, into my Mum's kitchen a few months back and he is the sweetest thing!! Such a pretty kitty and thankfully, after a bit of time and a few painful vet bills, has become a member of the family and is loving life out in the countryside with Mama and Bølle alike.

Thereafter, we picked Lina up from Mormor and Morfars' in Svendborg, continuing into town for some lunch.  Crew: reunited.  The afternoon was spent prancing around down near the water, sipping white wine, and really just loving the fact that we were all together again under better circumstances.

Mads and I wound up sticking around for dinner as well, unexpectedly, as Mormor and Morfar came home from their trip to Jylland with their old company much earlier than expected.  This meant that we all got to hang out for a bit as well and they got to see Mads before it was time to head on back to Odense to prepare for what was going to be two very long, very busy days.

Off to a good start ;)



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