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18 July, 2017

Putney Adventures

We were feeling adventurous and for once, decided to wander all the way across the bridge into Putney to continue on in the pursuit of a proper night out.   Elma poured the rest of our vino into take-away cups and Sofia and I quickly topped off our makeup and were on our way, Mads in tow, to see what our neighbouring area had in store for us.

The result was unlimited Vodka Cranberries, dancing until we sweat off half of our makeup, making friends with the large amount of equally buzzin' Italians, and taking an embarrassing amount of selfies to document the fact that we are aware that there are other places apart from Bloom!! Pictures or it didn't happen, right? ;)

Incase you haven't noticed (God knows how), it's quite rare that we actually go out on the town so this was, pathetic as that may be, a big night for us oldies.  It definitely required a lot more exercise than a typical night where we're all usually just sitting at our regular spot, wine glasses permanently attached to our hands, chatting away until our nachos and burger arrive, only to be ferociously devoured minutes later...

A welcomed, fun, sweaty, change-up from the usual and with music like that playing, I have no doubt we'll be back soon enough to burn off some of the hundreds of calories we so happily consume beforehand at Bloom.

Thanks for a hilarious and fab night you two :*



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