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05 July, 2017

Off To The Races

The beginning of April was for the most part spent in the park, soaking up the unexpectedly beautiful and warm English springtime weather.  For the first time since we moved to Fulham, Sofia, Mads and myself actually managed to see the famed boat races as they passed by Bishop's Park alongside Ricardo, Dylan, and all of our favourite furry friends.

Essentially with what ever free time any of us had, we used it in the park, often alternating between there and Bloom for cold drinks and snacks, with Sofia, Mads, Dylan's and myself switching it up but one time, adventuring out to enjoy some Limoncello shots (which were hilariously frozen beyond consumption) and Italian supper in each other's company.

Hope you all had a positive & productive start to the month!!


Please note the people that climbed all the way up to the roof to get a glimpse of the row boats :D

Do you like the park?


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