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02 July, 2017

Morning Walks & Late Night Talks

Sofia's and my insomnia seems to be getting worse before it gets better so our Wednesday nights have, more frequently than not, turned into Thursday mornings.  In this time we've also discovered a corner shop near me that's actually open 24/7 and (wait for it) THEY SELL AMERICAN CANDY!! Three different kinds of Twizzlers, Lindt chocolate, Jolly Ranchers hard candy and lollipops, Tootsie Pops...ugh, I was in heaven!!  Gotta support your local, right?

Seeing as we were awake anyways and it was such a beautiful morning, we decided to hop off to the park for a morning walk after a long night of chatting, singing, and dancing around my living room over sweeties and endless glasses of wine prior to our brunch date at Bloom.

Fulham, you are so pretty during Spring! Especially when temperatures are more towards the forgiving side and a glimpse of summer is shown!!



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