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19 July, 2017

Missguided May Buys

A few little treats I couldn't resist any longer to help spice up the wardrobe just a bit before I went ham and purchased an entirely new summer wardrobe...

Guns N' Roses "Chinese Democracy" was my study album this year so it seemed only fitting that I reward myself for all of my hard work with a nice band tee.

I'm not sure I can express through words (rather a mixture of unintelligible, overly excited grunting noises) how stoked I am about this suedette fringe jacket.  Firstly, it's hella soft and it fit perfectly.  Secondly, it's a damn-near weapon, making it perfect for those nights out where you really can't be bothered to deal with unwanted attention :P I spent a good 10 min. just swishing around my flat in this baby (no shame).

My third purchase was this pilot jacket that I thought might be the perfect Scandinavian summer jacket where it's not always warm enough just to wear a leather jacket but also not cold enough to break out those hardcore winter jackets we've already packed away.  Again, superbly soft and extremely comfortable.  Very happy with the fit and impressed with the material so far.  My only negative comment regarding this piece is how easily the buckles do themselves up.  After wearing it once I nearly lost two of them so be sure to keep a close eye on them if you get around to picking up this jacket from  Missguided.



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