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23 July, 2017

Long Awaited

Once I managed to re-clean our flat after Mads' drunken entrance, re-pack both our suitcases, clean out the fridge and take out the trash, foregoing any semblance of a good nights sleep, putting myself to bed for an anti-anxiety 30 min. lie down instead, we hopped into our Uber, Heathrow bound. Thankfully upon our arrival Mads had finally reached a less inebriated state and started perking up once he got a Full English in him.

If only the same could be said for his left hand which was mysteriously a good three times bigger than it should be.  Mads is a gentle giant, especially when he's had something to drink, so the idea of him getting in a fight with anything but our front door was laughable.  His memory was all but wiped and he sincerely did not recall having enough to drink to have left him in the state I discovered him in and a few days later, we came to learn that one of the guys he'd been drinking with encountered the same.  That'll be the third potential drink spiking incident to have hit our Fulham group in three weeks time so, just as a little reminder here, guys & gals alike, do not leave your drinks unattended!!

What we were informed was to be an absolutely packed flight, everyone having been requested beforehand to check in their hand luggage, was one of the emptiest I've witnessed on my way to Denmark for a while which honestly just makes for a quicker, more comfortable journey for everyone.  We touched down in Billund just as I'd gone through Taylor Swift's '1989', once again available alongside all of her other oldies but goodies on Spotify, snatched our luggage right off the conveyer belt and were greeted by Kent and Ole (Mads' older brother and Dad).  The four of us stopped by the baker to pick up some buns with cheese, enjoying them as we took in the beauty of the Jysk countryside as we sat on our picnic bench, then continuing on to good 'ol N√¶sbyhoved Broby where the celebratory vibes were already in full gear with Tove emptying out the entirety of their liquor cabinet upon our arrival, filling up the candy bowl, and getting the dart board hung up and ready for use.  

There were enough roasts and ribs to feed a village come dinnertime and the amount of ingredients laid out for salad rivalled that of a buffet.  Thereafter I, as pre-planned, spent the rest of the day (and then some) working with Lina and Michael to perfect and formulate an important university-related document.  Successfully submitted and all three of us having reached a state of sheer delirium, we called it a night and ended our otherwise cosy three-way Skype call.  After a full 24 hours without sleep I crashed and I crashed hard!  Summer days like this have been long awaited and oh, I've missed you, Denmark.



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