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19 July, 2017

Let It Begin

Upon the arrival of May, the time for exam prep arrived as well.  This meant that Wednesdays started earlier, with coffee and an abundance of notecards before we got around to the alcoholic aspect of the day.  Sofia joined me to soak up some sunshine while she flat hunted, Ricardo following en suit to catchup on some work on his computer as well.

May also meant that the solidification of summer plans finally came to be and I made the decision to go back to work for a few days a week as well.  I always enjoyed being a barista and felt quite bad that I never exactly returned from my Christmas holiday given the turn of events.  I was well-received when posing the question as to whether they might be in need an extra hand until I was due to jet off to Denmark to join my sister for the summer.

Amidst studying and gearing up for what was to be another extended "holiday" back home, another BBQ invitation arose, this time from Doug and Tayne.  Their new home is coming along so nicely and seeing as our first visit wasn't exactly a house-warming, we decided dragging along a prezzie this time might be more fitting.  Doug and Tayne are big game-lovers and given the fact that they have a relatively spacious backyard and how many good memories we have with this game in particular, we thought gifting them with a Kongespil set would be perfect!! It was put to use immediately.

My first exam for Criminal Law rolled around and although one can never be 100% certain as to how an exam went (IMHO), I feel pretty confident that the countless days I spent studying at work, at Bloom and in the park were put to good use.  I'd discovered that studying anywhere BUT at home went a lot better for me as there were far less distractions and things that I could suddenly find to do.

One down, one to go!  Loving the fact that the majority of our exams this year are via coursework instead of actual sit-down exams as I never took to those quite as kindly.

Good luck to everyone who's sat exams this year!


I was dry when I left the house...I think April and May switched around with the whole showers to flowers deal!


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