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11 July, 2017

Le Sausage

I had a few days off before my new dog buddy, Freddie, a small brown Dachshund puppy, was set to come along.  These days were spent enjoying some of the mass amounts of candy that Mads' parents shipped our way as a delayed Easter goody bag and a few drinks with my #1 girl.  Yet another sweet puppy that I loved having with me, even if it was just for a few hours for a few days.

Henry, Mads and I also finally got around to teaching Sofia how to ride a bike which, for her specifically, was a pretty big deal!!  Leave it to her to learn in all of, and no, I'm not kidding, one hour.  No jokes, none at all...this girl is a beast.   A BICYCLE RIDING BEAST!!!

While Henry and Mads were running around after her, attempting to verbally communicate how best to go about attempting to ride the bike (harder to explain than you'd think), I decided to give it a go again.  Full disclosure? I fell off and crashed more times than Sofia did hahaha

I love biking and with the park being so close and the Boris bikes available for our use, I hope we can make a habit out of it since it's good fun, good exercise, and another excuse to go to the park...Also, thankfully, there aren't all that many people I have swerve around (the main reason I end up falling in pretty much any sport...biking, ice-skating...), making it all the more attainable of a goal and enjoyable of an experience.



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