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09 July, 2017

Frida & Ringo

My Easter break was spent with my first two doggy-watching clients, Schnauzers Frida and Ringo. I've been extremely reluctant to get back into the job-market, specifically the hospitality industry that, after three years, has done enough damage to my view on humanity to force me out of it entirely. Alas, this is not how the real world works but specifically given the recent state of affairs, I didn't think the mental and emotional progress I'd made up until this point should be sacrificed all in the name of money and I sought different employment options.

I'm a massive, massive animal lover and a self-professed dog nerd (breed, traits, health conditions, behaviour...) and have been wanting to hop on the bandwagon sweeping through London that is doggy daycare, walking, and boarding.  Dylan recommended Dog BuddyDog Buddy to me as he hadn't had the best experience via the website Tailster, that both of us originally used.  He was also kind enough to refer some of his clients to me as he was going to be off on a Latin holiday for a little over two weeks, Easter break included.  This meant that there were doggies who needed looking after and with my looking for an alternative income, it all worked out perfectly.  The fact that I'd already met these two pups twice before made them being my first clients even better for all parties involved.

It definitely involved changes to my daily routine, more than admittedly expected, but I loved it all the same and in no time at all, my temporary babies felt right at home!  Since Sofia's always heads to the park for her afternoon/evening walk anyways, this was also another excuse to see her a bit more as well and they took beautifully to her company, as well as Mads'!

They're both such great dogs and I really enjoyed having them with me and am thankful that they were my first clients.  There's nothing like having the possibility to cuddle two furry little friends and I truly found it very therapeutic having them around.  It gave me a reason to exercise a bit more and explore different areas of the park as well as providing me with the opportunity to care for another living being, even if this entailed no more than a regular feeding schedule, play time, and making a little extra room in the bed at night. I felt myself going through withdrawal when they were picked up and hope to see them around again soon, in whatever capacity that may be.

Thanks for this time little buddies!!



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