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22 July, 2017

Boo Hoo Summer Shopping: 2017

Not much has changed since last year with regards to my go-to brand for spicing up my summer wardrobe.  Once again, after sifting through my plethora of shopping folders, filled with screenshots of all of the lovely things my heart desires, Boo Hoo took the lead not only in the largest amount of items wanted for summer but in the best sale (perfectly timed) as well.

BEHOLD: Two dresses for Lina (the first two pictured), two pleated midi skirts, three dresses and one black slip dress/night gown, a new blazer, five cami tops, three blouses and two jumpers.  All of this? A "whopping" £199.19.  To provide a bit more financial insight, that's about 10.5 pounds per item...Count me innnnn!!

If you're like me and keep your eye on some specific pieces, picking them up at a reduced price along with some cheeky new additions for less than what it would have been originally for the half of it feels like winning the lottery!

I know I'm very OCD when it comes to my shopping but I highly recommend saving the things that catch your eye while you're browsing and if you're patient enough to wait for a nice sale to come along, you can get more for less.  I organise all of my screenshots by place/brand, price, item-type, and most-wanted so that when the time comes for a bulk buy, everything is easily accessible and I can see what the real price for each individual item would have been in comparison to what it's listed as (some places claim that things are marked down but have altered the original price, making it higher so that you actually don't end up saving all that much in this so-called "sale") to avoid trickery and to give me an idea as to whether or not I'm getting enough bang for my buck!!

The only negative thing I have to say about Boo Hoo having used them for almost 7 years now is their choice in carrier.  I consistently have issues with Hermes whether it's my parcel being delivered to the wrong address, not being notified of any changes or issues, or not delivering, end off.

Apart from that, specifically given their budget-friendly prices, I can only rave about this brand.  I still use dresses that are 5 years old that look good as new.  They're quite good at accurately depicting their products both in regard to fit as well as material and their customer service team is amazing! Another thumbs up from this happy girl!!

Links to all of my summer splurges listed by their respective pictures below.



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