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27 July, 2017

Among The Flowers

Hello all :)
I hope this post finds you well!

Mads headed back to London a couple days after the event and I headed back to Svendborg to continue the rest of my summer adventures alongside family.  Once I finished unpacking my things and settled a bit into my room, Lina and I made our way into town for our #1 feast of choice: durums, chips, and Cocio at King og Kebab (who are quite literally the kings of kebabs so if you find yourself in Svendborg, you know where to go!!) and grabbed a cocktail together before diving into sister talk-time.

We went out to say hang out with Mama for a bit on my second day back in the 'borg after having sorted out some practicalities in town.  The calm before the chaos, leading up to what was going to be one hell of a hectic next few weeks.



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