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18 July, 2017

A Couple Of Idiots And A Cereal Box

April flew by just as quickly as the months before, giving way to Sofia's birthday.  This meant an abundance of food, wine, and good times, honey!!

The birthday girl and her favourite group of idiots spent the night gorging ourselves and playing some of the simplest, slightly immature, and yet thoroughly entertaining drinking games before the guest list whittled down just to us two, chatting over music and nightcaps before heading off to bed.  

I still can't believe that Henry, our group's resident smarty pants, was the one to challenge not one, not two, but three dancers to the cereal box game...The goal of the game is to pick up, without using anything but your teeth and unable to bend your knees, an empty cereal box from the floor.  Every round that this is successfully managed, a piece of the box is torn away, becoming smaller and smaller as the game progresses.  Ricardo and I were kicked out after the first two rounds when Henry realised that given our backgrounds, flexibility of this level was laughably easy and therefore dubbed "unfair".  I'm very impressed with how well the rest of the boys did, especially given the lack of elasticity in their trousers hahaha Sofia held her own as well but forfeited since she didn't want to further irritate her already bad knees.

It was a relatively early night for the majority of the group though I ended up stayed over, too tired and too lazy to walk home only to walk back the day following to help clean up and have a bit of lunch before heading over to the park to see how well Sofia had really learnt how to ride the bike.  

Thank you for a humorous and lovely evening my darling.  I hope you had a wonderful day!! Here's to many, many more! Love you :*


Bow down, bitches!!


So normal...


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