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28 June, 2017

Wet Corn

Doug, Mads' foreman and a friend of ours and his lovely wife Tayne have just bought their first house here in London out in Wimbledon and with the weather behaving so nicely, they invited us over to see the place and to have a barbecue.  Newlyweds Matt and Bianca, whom I've come to know through the years alongside Mads and their friends Caitlyn Rhett joined us for the tour, dinner, and some pretty intense rounds of Cards Against Humanity.

I couldn't help but laugh at the fact that the attorney (Tayne) and the future attorney were the ones in the lead from the get-go.  I have yet to even open our game that Liban gave to us as a housewarming present back at our flat in Odense so I'm pretty okay with the fact that I came in second place, just behind Tayne.

Congrats to Doug and Tayne on your lovely home and thank you for having us over.  I'm sure it won't be the last time...mainly because Doug really knows how to work that BBQ!


Get a look similar to mine below :)



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