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22 June, 2017

Too Normal

Coming back home to London after everything that had happened left me with an overwhelming need to rid myself of the feeling of normalcy and at other times, to cling onto it.  Everything looking the exact same as when I'd left got to me and with us just having renewed our contract for another year in our cosy little Fulham flat, it was time for a change.

We've flipped around the bedroom and living room, have purchased a few little things here and there, mainly in regard to different storage options (doubled-up clothing rail, shoe shelves, baskets, baskets, baskets...) and decorated the place with new pictures, paintings, candleholders, and momentos that I have both from my childhood and from my Father.

These re-feng-shui-ing steps and little details have given the flat a really different feel, a lot more space, and both of us have settled into these changes seamlessly.  How often do you re-organise and arrange your place?  Or is it just me that so thoroughly enjoys it? ;)



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