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01 June, 2017

THAT'S NOT NICE!! (...except it was)

A sunset anyone could gleefully herald as being worthy of Arizona's reputation in said department (hence the overload of pics) on the way to see, well, family, essentially over some home-cooking, vino and a naughty Pizookie.  This kicked off what was unexpectedly a very late night/early morning.

After eating yet another (we've reached a point of near concern for the amount of "Mexican" food consumed days after days in a row) homemade tortilla I went to see the Greenberg's who were, for all intensive purposes, my adoptive family at one point.  Although a lot has changed in that time, thankfully, this has not.

The discussion was unsurprisingly centred around the current the political situation in America and ironically/fittingly transitioned to academics and travel.  In a nutshell, the evening was focused around trying to follow what their crazy "kids" (Melissa, Alli and myself) have been up to in relation to one or both of these.  Melissa spent half a year in Australia before heading back to New Orleans where she's now finished her degree at Tulane and Alli is excelling, soon off to university as well where we are (no pressure) expecting great things.  Y'all know what I'm up to...probably more than I do!! Life moves at such a high-pace these days it's hard to keep up with what I'm personally trying to do (trying being the operative word here) in addition to trying to follow what my nearest and dearest are up to as well.

Thanks for having me over guys, always a pleasure :)

From there I decided to take Asher up on his offer to join him and his mates for a drink or two.  Now, us two, along with Louise who'd just flown back in from San Antonio after ringing in New Year's"back home, had made plans beforehand to appease Ashers' determination/desire of finally being able to go out on the town with his "little sister" for the day following.  This was not taken into as much consideration as it should have been because only come half past six in the morning did I see my bed again!!  Thankfully for all parties involved, there is no photographic evidence of me crashing the dinner party (thanks for the heads-up, Asher!) and trampolining into the wee hours of the morn.

I'm getting too old for this sh*t...


P.S. The first few pictures are from Lina's time (I haven't got them all I'm afraid (as usual)) in California where they went to The Getty and The Grove when they weren't enjoying homemade Arabic food with Grandmama Dagher.


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