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12 June, 2017

Stop & Shock

Although my stop-over in London really was just that, we managed to get up to quite a bit in such a short time-frame.  I used the day to get a few practical things sorted and lined-up in preparation for my being in Denmark for a bit before fully returning to London and back to real life.

I met up with Sofia later on at Bloom for our much-delayed Christmas present exchange and an extensive girlie chat over some Rosé and Eggs Benedict (this is so far past being an addiction) before Mads and Dylan joined us for a few drinks and prezzie exhanges as well.

Sofia found a cute little trophy-shaped pin saying, "I didn't punch anyone in the face today" before I left and after I (and Mads actually!) scoured the internet, I discovered that I could get it shipped within the US and could bring it home as a second little Christmas present from us two.  Just to give you an idea as to how in love with this she is, she bloody has it set as her phone's lock screen photo!! She absolutely FLIPPED OUT!!! So happy to see it being so well received, that is the best part of present-giving in my opinion.

Mads got an adorable and accurately personalised bottle opener from Sofia and she gave me a pretty marble (she knows I'm obsessed) coaster with my name engraved into it.  Dylan finally received his painting from me and absolutely adored it and agreed with how well the colours would suit his new bedroom colour.  He gave me the cutest, hilarious miniature pool table so that I could practice hahah Of course we had to break out that bad boy and give it a go, ASAP!

The night ended up dragging into the wee hours of the morning, Sofia, Henry, and myself awake and drinking until I stepped into my Heathrow-bound cab.  This was, shockingly, not the plan but I received some unfortunate, horrible family-related news and was thankful to have people I love and know who care for me and my well-being around me up until it wasn't a possibility anymore.

I'm not sure what the situation will be like by the time y'all actually get to read this or if I want to share the details but let's just say for now that this trip to Denmark, given the impact of the news, came at a simultaneously convenient/inconvenient time for me given the state I was happy as I was to see and be with Mama.



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