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08 June, 2017

Purple: Departure & Arrival

Bags packed, a tummy full of Mexican food (and a last cheeky, cheeky run at Taco Bell), head and heart overflowing with cherished memories, a maxed-out camera roll, and finally, a smothering of hugs made to last, the time to head back to London arrived.

The trip back went seamlessly although the airports and my flight itself was packed tight.  This was due to the domestic and international flight delays and cancellations either due to weather conditions and/or strikes so although the majority of people I was surrounded by were quite stressed out and very tired (who can blame them?), everything went as it should have.  I watched the animated film "Storks" which I quite enjoyed (thanks for the recommendation Weezy!!), snuck in a bit of reading from the Padma Lakshmi book Daddy gifted me over summer, all while scoffing down a strong G&T or two and American sweeties.

The flight home always goes by so much quicker than the flight headed over there and apart from the fact that it's at least three hours shorter, I think ones' travel mentality is very different on the home-bound journey as well.

It wasn't even that cold when I landed in London, a welcomed surprise.  I didn't even bother put on my winter coat as I was unexpectedly greeted by a sharp, distinct sunlight shining down upon Heathrow's Terminal 3 (me no likey).  Getting my Uber was a stroke of luck as I was far from where I was meant to be picked up (still struggling with their "system") but managed, in time, and was en route to Fulham in soon thereafter.

It wasn't until I settled into my flat with all of my luggage, still in one piece, that the weird sense of travel "dizzyness" began to settle in.  I couldn't believe that after so much time that here I was again in London.  Feeling like I was just out for a few hours and that Daddy and Lina were still a few streets over, the unpacking and repacking extravaganza began!!

I had hoped to have at least finished unpacking before giving in to the beckoning of a steaming hot shower, looking at least a little presentable for when Mads came home from work.  No such luck as an hour and a half before I expected him, guess who bursts through the door to surprise me?! ;)

I suppose he couldn't wait an awful lot longer, having tracked and photographed (he's currently working on a penthouse flat over the bridge so he had a good view when I flew in over Fulham) my flight the entire journey (HAHAHAHA)!!  I was crying in the backseat of my cab due to laughter when I finally connected to the wifi and all of my messages poured in.  He had been sending me screenshots of my plane's progress, at one point even telling me that, "You're going the wrong way!!!" as we, along with another few planes I'm sure, circled above, waiting for permission to land.

So much for that project goal -___- I did a half-assed repacking job for my next flight en route to Billund, Denmark but called it "good enough" for the day, in one hell of a jet-lagged state.  Mads began cooking my requested dinner of honey chicken complete with pasta, rocket, pine nuts and loads of parmesan nice and early so that I could crash once the acceptable jet-lag time of 9:30-10 pm was passed.

In between, I gave him his Christmas prezzies (he gave me mine over the phone while I was in Arizona) and thank our lucky stars, they all fit!.  The one downside to getting Christmas shopping done early is that when the time rolls around for the presents to be opened, most of the return/exchange policies have expired...  He's so desperately been needed a new pair of nice black jeans (√) and in my opinion, has just as desperately need a new pair of "in-between" dress shoes.  Not quite dress shoes, but also not trainers.  Thank you to Kurt Geiger for providing the perfect sexy black suede dress sneaker option!

Thanks for this time Arizona.  As always, you, and all of your contents, are crazily missed from the moment I make my way up to Security.


I'm wearing a black maxi dress from Boo Hoo and Lina gave me the most amazing purple suede jacket she thrifted (and hasn't used more than a single time since) a few years back.  Unfortunately, I've been unable to find anything similar in suede or in this colour so the closest I can offer is this one here.  Ankle boots, as always, hiding beneath (similar here).

P.S. Sorry for the constant commentary below, I'm a bit tired (but still funny, right?).

You wanna go in?



Wrong way...

I'll miss you too, AZ...


Oh, hi babe!!

Here we go again..

You wanna open it?

I'm gonna let him.

Bahahhahahahah (I completely forgot I wrote this)


Thank Lordie for honey chicken (and a boy willing to not just make but also eat it as much as I want (unhealthily) to!!


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