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06 June, 2017

L o v e

The day before I flew out again was spent eating comfort food up at Binks with the gang.  Lina had pork Macaroni and Cheese, I couldn't pass-up trying their take on my all-time favourite, Eggs Benedict, and Daddy had his go out their Ribeye sandwich.  How we even got to the half-way point of our meals after filling up on their Moroccan rub Calamari and famous truffle beyond me. We lugged ourselves off to be spoilt by Daddy, getting some of our last sister talks in (much to the confusion of our pedicurists who were SO confused when they figured out we were related!!) over some well-received pedicures.

Michael came over to say goodbye over the strangest mixture of one of our favourites (god, we're such uni students...), leftovers!!! Who doesn't love a good leftover party?! Chinese food, pasta, sandwiches and even being leftovers, still far too much leftover thereafter.

Once we felt we'd had enough of both the food and the very crisp fresh Arizona winter air, we headed inside for a "cuddle puddle" over some more How To Train Your Dragon: Race To The Edge episodes before Mdogg and I (yes, you read right) shared a tearful goodbye, I slyly snuck my keys back onto Daddy's desk after an amazing trip (amazing not just because I managed not to lose them on all of my excursions) so not make a big fuss come morning, and we headed off to bed.

It's a nice feeling, even though you're both asleep, to be sleep next to your sister.  You feel like you're safe and can protect them from anything, even as your head is subconsciously f*cking with you, eyes closed, lights off, you feel safety unlike any other.

I missed it as soon as I curled up next to her...but hey, appreciate the time you have with your loved ones--including the time when you're passed out, not doing anything, or even in the same room because it all matters.



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