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04 June, 2017

Keep Dem Guns Outta Da Club, Dey Killin' Dis Vibe

Another plan of Asher's and mine, dating back to Arizona holiday season 2015, was to go shooting together.  It would be Asher's first time and at that point, Mads' as well.  Unfortunately we never managed to last year but we managed, albeit in our last few days home, to squeeze it in this year.

Dear God it was one of the most frightening things I've ever experienced in my life (privileged, I realise).  For starters, if you don't often find yourself around weapons and/or are not familiar with them, it's pretty overwhelming just to see, never-mind hear them go off.  Secondly, Scottsdale Gun Club has one of the biggest indoor shooting ranges in America so where you might normally be around a lot of different guns, the noise level is, in my opinion at least, a lot more "compact" when you're all in the same room with only your earmuffs and glass walls separating you.

After essentially signing our lives away (super fun for two attorneys-to-be), much to the amusement of passersby as we argued our way through the waiver, debating after nearly ever.single.point. andwhether or not we were willing to accept their terms.  We begrudgingly did so, coughed up an obscene amount of cash, and headed to the range.

I hadn't originally hoped that planning-wise, this long-awaited night-out would be happening in my last few days in AZ but alas, so it ended.  All of us had things to do prior to us meeting up as well so given the time crunch, there wasn't a lot of free time for Asher and I do go shooting, get something in our bellies, and for me to head home to change.  I'm sure you can see for yourself what had to happen and let me say this just a single time--it didn't improve my situation in the slightest!!  Not having been out a lot in Arizona either I just hoped to god there wasn't a dress code in place and that I could get in so longs as I had heels on.

The easiest way to spot an infrequent shooter, in my experience, is in their stance--both their bottom half and in how relaxed or very much locked up their elbows/tense their upper body is.  In the heels that I'd selected for the evenings outfit, them being crazy high and without any platform in addition to being fully open-toed, I slide forward automatically.  Do not lean back while shooting, it does you no favours.  I repeat: do not lean back!!!  The guy helping get us set-up couldn't figure out why on Earth me, who is absolutely an amateur as far as shooting goes, kept leaning back so much while lining up my shot.  I wasn't going to ruin his confusion by making myself look like even more of an idiot than I already felt like and explain that it was my very Scottsdale-like shoe choice -___- Ladies (or other for that matter), DO NOT SHOOT IN HEELS.  Real-life isn't like James Bond, or Nikita, or's impractical as all hell and I'd almost say (if not for my crazy-focus) dangerous.


While we were shooting a 9mm Beretta (I believe) there were people next to us firing AR's in every shape, size, and caliber, with the noise level and the casings flying left and right, I think it's a more than normal reaction to be a bit nervous.  Hell, the both of us were shaking for the first 15 min. before flagging down an official who could help us in our damn-near paranoid willingness to make sure we were doing everything correctly (rather look "stupid" and ask a bunch of questions than do something actually stupid and potentially dangerous) who eased us into actually firing.

Once we felt comfortable enough to use the gun, we had to get over our new shock created by the guy next to use shooting a gun so massive that every time he fired, we could feel the glass barrier between us shake as we watched the muzzle smoke.  NOT COOL.  REALLY UNCOOL FOR US NEWBIES ACTUALLY.

Long-story short, it took a long time thinking through and posing questions before either of us actually dared point and shoot (probably better if others, not to put our thought process on a pedestal as such, also used just a morsel of this approach in their thinking/actions).  Once we got into it and understood what we were doing, we were both actually pretty good shots and I dare say, enjoyed it!!

I have a lot of respect for weapons.  Now wait a second, let me finish.  I think a large issue we face in the world surrounds the fact that people do not respect weapons and use them without knowing or understanding their full effect.  After having shot but a few times in my life, do I think I come even close to knowing the ins and outs of even a quarter of the guns out there? Absolutely f*cking not. They are beautifully crafted, interesting, and intricate while somehow being so, so simple.  I think it's the simplicity too many see and use to their advantage, misusing it, instead of respecting the power this creation wields.

Anyways, this rant could go on for much, MUCH longer but I'll cut it short (for now) because I've just realised how much I've already written and as accurate as everything so far is, it does sound quite dramatic hahaha

We had Chipotle afterwards and got booze (not as eventful ;)) before heading over to Louise's to pick her up and start off our night.  Although the night didn't go as expected (does it ever?) we all three had a blast and Asher and Weezy got along just as I for some strange reason knew they would.  She left before we went through the sheer adventure of securing pizza and a god-forsaken cab (stressful as all hell when at 4 am they want to take the piss and rip you off by driving us to the other end of town TWICE even after we'd politely informed him BOTH TIMES that he was doing so!! How cheeky!! Soz brah, never drunk enough for that or to pay your "generous discounted price" for you not doing your job).

A lot lighter in our pockets (when did America become as expensive as Northern Europe for drinking purposes?!), we had a night-cap and a final catchup before saying thanks, good luck, and heading our separate ways--both bound for out-of-state destinations two days following.

Thanks for a brilliant night guys :)


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