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19 June, 2017

I Don't Know About You But I'm Feeling 22

And so my 22nd. birthday rolled around...I can't say that I've ever, not a single time in my life up until this point, ever felt a feeling dread in relation to my birthday.  I love birthdays because it's an excuse to celebrate (not that you should ever need one) yourself, your loved ones, and life.  That being said, I was scared out of my mind to do all of that, knowing that I wasn't going to receive a happy birthday message or bouquet of flowers from my number one guy and with everything still so fresh, I honestly wasn't in the mood to celebrate at all.

Holy damn did my friends pull through and force that to change for at least a day!! The universe blessed me with the gift of Ed Sheeran's long-awaited album, Divide, being released on the day (best birthday present ever) so that in itself was enough for me to break out a smile or two.

My addiction to Eggs Benedict and bubbles stops for no day so Sofia and I started at our usual place and got to meet Ricardo's new baby, Roxie in the process.  Thereafter, we grabbed some sweeties and Rosé for a full-on listening party/karaoke session before changing into work out clothes (trust me, I was just as surprised as you probably are in reading this) and heading off to meet with the boys for a highly-entertaining (and exhausting) rock-climbing session.

Henry had gotten really into it whilst I was away and didn't leave much of an option as to whether we wanted to give it a go ;)  Sweaty, sore, decently banged up and hungry, the boys went on their ways to change while Sofia and I popped into our favourite local Italian place to see if they could squeeze us in.  Bear in mind, it's around 9 pm at this point and although Italian's are fans (much like us) of eating late, the place was packed!!  The owner let us know that we'd be good to go for around 9:30-9:45 and with that information, we ran back to mine, "showered", re-did our makeup, and put on some more appropriate clothing for the final stop for the birthday celebrations.

Dylan headed over to meet us just as our meat and cheese boards arrived, insisting on Limoncello shots as we started (rather than ended) our dinner and the rest is a wonderful, hilarious, heated blur of conversations over pasta, pizza, and wine that continued on until the rest of London was up and off to work the day following while we were sitting outside, drinking shots and blabbing on...

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, to every single person who contributed to this day and made it into something much better than I could have either hoped or expected.  Here's to being 22!!



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