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14 June, 2017

Danish Days

Everything on the short way to Denmark went as planned but it was absolute hell for me personally. I couldn't get to Mummy's quickly enough and thankfully, although not necessarily the most financially stable option (let's take a cab from Billund to Vester Skerninge why don't we?) I booked it there and oh my )UYDC!GVKHBJ!U%E€&%/!O(GUWBKJQ I have never, in my entire life, seen such a look of sheer shock and surprise as I saw on not just my Mum's face but also on my grandparent's and Lotte's (my Mormor's second cousin) when I arrived.

They had come over to do a celebratory little breakfast with Mama so when I pranced through the gate singing the Danish "Happy Birthday" song (my edited version of course...), suddenly standing smack in front of them when moments before, I'd been the topic of conversation, jaws dropped. IT WAS AWESOME!!! SO worth the trip, as super duper not fun as it was to be travelling without having slept the entire night, with jet-lag, and transitioning from a state of slight inebriation to being hungover (not to mention being emotionally distraught).

Although given the aforementioned news, a dark shadow was cast upon the day, I wanted to make sure Mama felt loved and special and was still celebrated.  A beautiful bouquet of flowers arrived from Lina, Michael, Mads & myself which although very well received, I'd hoped would have come a bit before I did since the card basically said "We wish we could be there to celebrate you".  Funny, since I had every plan to do so since November, 2016 hehehe  It was a nice addition to the yellow tulips Mormor had given her and later, the white roses from Lyfe.  It was like temporarily living in a flower shop!!

She was given her Moo Moo from Michael's grandmother, the GW sweatshirt and bumper sticker Lina had sent before Christmas finally arrived (and she's lived in it ever since),  a new bottle of her favourite perfume and some fancy-pants eyelash serum she'd been lusting after from the boy and myself.

We spent the day drinking endless cups of coffee, engaging in the usual random topics our conversation end up on, and ordered some sushi to enjoy for dinner where we curled up in bed, Bølle switching from one side to the other to make sure we knew he was present and loveable, and watched some Big Bang Theory.

As always, wonderful to be back in Denmark for a bit and to have some quality time with my best girl.  Happy birthday, Mama!!  Love you endlessly!!!


P.S. Now that we're almost caught up here on SMITR, I'd like to note that this post will be the only one covering January and the majority of February 2017 as I've decided against speaking about the impactful, difficult time both myself and my family have gone through (and continue to) following my father's sudden passing. Thank you in advance for your understanding, respect, and patience.


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