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16 June, 2017


Suddenly, an entire year had soon come to pass since my 21st. birthday and I realised that the present that my Daddy and Lina gifted me the year following to go to this beautiful, beautiful restaurant/bar/tea-spot in Mayfair, called SKETCH, was about the run out.

How pathetic that it took me nearly a full year, on the dot, to use the gift card but how lucky that they could make a reservation for us so short-notice and that in the midst of absolute chaos, that my brain somehow managed to come this realisation before such a lovely gift went to waste!!

I was really, really worried about the entirety of the night just because I held it to such a high standard being that it would be the last birthday present I'd ever receive from my Father but everything and I mean everything went off without a hitch and was so above and beyond.  Very happy that I made the decision to pursue it, get out of the house, and make an effort to have a wonderful evening as my expectations weren't just met, but exceeded.

We left in ample time so to ensure that we'd make our reservation time even with traffic and ended up arriving early (always preferred!).  After checking in our coats we made our way past the whimsical Enchanted Forest bar and into the pink room.  From the moment we stepped through the door we were met with another level of fantastic service and this continue on right until we left again.

The sommelier was en pointe (love me a good Angel) and the waiters answered any and all questions pertaining to the menu.  We kicked off my pre-birthday celebration dinner with some scrumptious starters, still taking in the overall ambience, elegance, and artistry of our surroundings.  Mads ordered the Chantilly Lace and I, the Creamy Burrata to start, followed up by some perfectly done steaks and dessert.  Mads opted for a sorbet mixture and I, well, I can't actually tell you what I ordered because even as it arrived and half-way through the plate, I hadn't a clue as to what I was eating!  I recall it having an interesting texture and that some bits of it were a bit too sour for my liking but still, the presentation was nicely done and it was a great dish, just not something I think, given my taste, that I'd go for again.

After making our way back to Fulham, we ended the night off with a nightcap with Dylan, Val, and her partner, before heading to bed feeling like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders and relocated into my stomach :P


If you like my outfit choice for the evening, you can get a similar look here:



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