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09 May, 2017

Watch Yo Mouth

Christmas tree decorating, dinner at Goldie's with the crew (COOKIE SKILLLLLETTTTTTT) and a hilarious first time trying Pimms (of all times (winter), in all places (Arizona)) with Louise, Sofie, and the adorable Natalie whom after 6 years of hearing about her via Louise, I finally got to meet.

The second parts went down while playing a game Louise picked up called Watch Yo Mouth and it is highly entertaining, let me just tell you. The goal of the game is for you to guess what your teammate is reading off of the cards.  Easy enough, right?  These sentences, which, by the way, most of the time make NO sense and are composed of words that are debatably even real must be read out and guessed while one party has this strange, plastic contraption shoved in/around your mouth (reminiscent of far too many trips to the dentist).  Oh, and you're being timed.

Needless to say, this contraption makes the successful utterance of these sentences completely impossible and even more so amidst the involuntary drooling, uncontrollable laughter, and growing frustrations.  If you're up for being made an absolute fool of and are as easily amused as we are, you can grab this awesome game here.

We ended the night lounging on the biggest couch I've ever witnessed, popcorn in hand, and puppies eager to cuddle us for the duration of our chick-flick, even though I feel like I personally had done nothing but cuddle them from the moment I walked through the door (happily so)!!




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