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14 May, 2017

The Lead-Up

Everyone knows the holidays are all about the lead-up to the actual day(s) and as each year passes, I feel myself becoming more and more aware of this.  I consciously try to treasure time overall but specifically the time I have with the people in my life that I so rarely get to see.  Over the holidays, this becomes all the more important because before you know it, Christmas has come and gone.

Thankfully this year will be the year that I'll have been here for the longest since I moved and I am so loving the fact that I'm not due at the airport a few days after Christmas has finished off!  In the final days leading up to Christmas were a well-planned repeated cycle of eating, drinking, watching Christmas movies, taking a break (to shock our systems, ya know?) to go through the struggle of wrapping presents, and then starting from the top again.

I got two early presents (from myself) when my Søciety 6 phone cases finally arrived.  The case I got a year ago from them is in surprisingly good shape but it was time to spice it up a bit.  I got a pretty blue ombre case and what I believe is already my favourite of the two, a black and white "painting" of a mermaid staring up at the moon on the second.  I really like this artist's work, so much that I'm thinking of getting the same artwork I have on my iPhone case in a printed version to hang up back in London...perhaps alongside a few different other ones as well.

As far as quality, pricing, and designs go, I'd highly recommend them but y'all should be aware of the fact that regardless of the shipping option selected you can easily wait a full two to three weeks before the cases arrive.  I experienced this last year but I figured it was because it was being shipped from over here to Denmark but alas, even Stateside, they take their sweet time.  

If you're taken with either of my two newbies they're available here and here.


Freeze bananas coated in chocolate and coconut: a well-worthy ice-cream substitute!! SO GOOD!

When you run out of wrapping paper and do not wish to venture out into the world...
Do note my sister putting my favourite quote on there hahahaha Golden!!


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