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28 May, 2017

Margaritas & California Dreamin'

I spent the entirety of the 4th. doing my last coursework for uni with the exception of a lovely and scrumptious lunch outing with my two buddies at one of our favourite old go-to old spots back when we lived in our old house.  If you're in the North Scottsdale area, Blue Adobe comes highly recommended!! If I remember right they have another location in Tempe but we like this one best ;)

When it comes to incomprehensibly large amounts of homework that you've been working on for incomprehensibly large amounts of time you tend reach a point where you feel like you're at a total loss and no longer care.  Rather, you feel like at this point, it just needs to be done to the best of your current ability and then you pray to pass...sound familiar to anyone (please say yes you arseholes, don't lie to yourself--you've been there too!!)?!  It was a great feeling to no longer have this hanging over my head (and messing with it for the duration of my holiday!!

This was celebrated, if not mid-way via the consumption of other-worldly good Margaritas and New Mexican food, then with a jacooze (our made-up verb) complete with fresh grapes, a 50/50 rum & coke in a pool-safe bottle, and sister talks before Lina jetted off to California for a few days to meet up with her old friend Selena and to meet Michael's grandmother.

She and Selena haven't been on the same side of the world, or anything even remotely close, for about four years now if I recall correctly (maybe even longer).  Although she wasn't in the state, they took the chance to see each other while she was expected in Los Angeles for a bit and made it into a road-trip with the boys coming along as well.  This way, Lina and Selena got to see each other, and the Dagher boys could introduce their lovely ladies to their Nan and spend some time with her as well.  Harrison (Michael's little brother), his girlfriend, Lina, and Michael (the bestest, go-to road-trip designated driver) zoomed on over from the 5th. to the 7th.

I tried my best to keep myself well-occupied during this time, as you'll see in the following posts.

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