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28 May, 2017

Levels Of Pain

One of Lina's Christmas wishes this year was, as I believe I've previously mentioned, the pretty pair of little butterfly studs from Pandora.  This wish went hand-in-hand with another.  She's been thinking about getting her cartilage pierced for months (if not over a year now, actually) which as hilarious as it sounds, her big sister thoroughly appreciates (gotta love the lengthy thought-out process, guys).  This gift was to come from Michael who although not pierced every which-way, has more experience in this than she does and his opinion and information surrounding this was better-received than that of her decently pierced/tatted older sister (fine, fair).  In my defence, although I don't feel as though I was completely useless (at all actually), I was obscenely tired that day!

Unfortunately, and unsurprisingly, she wasn't actually allowed to get the piercing with her new earrings but pierced she was!! Lina's notorious for her lack of pain tolerance so this was a big thing!! She did very well and was in absolutely amazing hands.  Everyone was professional, friendly, hilarious, and made the overall experience a really great one.  If only I could remember what this place was called as for anyone living in the Phoenix Metropolitan area, I'd highly recommend it based on our time there.  Then again, anyone in that area probably knows about it as well!!  It's got an interesting location but that aside (and honestly irrelevant), they did a great job and for what I've heard, a great reputation.

The rest of my day was much less exciting though, debatably, much more stressful and pain-related for me as I'd finally, for the second time nonetheless, bit the bullet and after having backed up my precious computer in full, underwent the new Mac software update.  I'd done this about a month before but ended being so sincerely ticked off and frustrated by it that I reverted back to the one I had previously (was SO lucky that I'd backed my computer up the day before, not having planned to do this).  It's pretty easy so long as you do it quickly after having downloaded the software but this time around, I gave the new one a proper try.  This meant that I then had to sort through and figure out all the changes I'd made--documents, photo's, sticky note edits etc.--while having used the new software--otherwise, in reverting back to the previous, all of that information and changes are lost.  JOY!!!! If there's something that can get my blood boiling, it's not being able to do the things I normally can on my computer and that was my reasoning to pursue this idiotic route once again.  My computer had gotten so slow, feeling like it was just really overwhelmed and in dire need of an update but alas, with the new update these problems didn't just not go away, they got worse!!

The thing that pushed me over the edge both times was the "Photos" setup that completely replaced my beloved iPhoto.  I am extremely particular and organised when it comes to my pictures and am heavily reliant on knowing exactly where everything is.  The new system COMPLETELY SCREWED THAT UP FOR ME IN THE MOST UNHELPFUL, UNJUSTIFIABLE WAY POSSIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!  My stress-levels don't need to be messed with all too much these days before they'll garner an unfortunate reaction on my behalf and watching my baby delete and then restore everything for all of four? six? hours was a painful process.

I'm being really whiny and first-world-y right now but once in awhile, I'd like to say that's okay.

I honestly don't think I did a single other productive thing that day since my computer was temporarily unavailable.  For what I recall, I discovered How To Train My Dragon's American TV series on Netflix, and chilled with Daddy and Lina until it was up and running again so I could work on my second coursework assignment.

I'm definitely not complaining about that situation as I consciously try not to be on my computer all the time when on holiday (usually because it either means I'm zoning out to something I don't need to do or zoning out because I need to do something very important) but I do normally do something of the like, while multi-tasking on my computer....Shame, shame, shame (I know) but thankfully, Lina and Daddy tend to work similarly so it all balances out.

Here's to being semi-social creatures with semi-functional computers!



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