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22 May, 2017


I think everyone loves one of their Christmas presents most and whether or not this has anything to do with who it's from, what it costs, whether or not it was expected, or even if it's something they may or may not see themselves using, I believe is a hit/miss.  My favourite this year, although I came to thoroughly enjoy the generous gift-card Daddy gave us both to go on a underwear-related shopping spree and our sisterly pedicure day, was probably the stunning ankle boots Lina got for me.

LOOK AT THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you love them as much as I do you can get them from Yoox, on sale nonetheless (you know I've got you! ;)), right here.  Please note, as they are made of leather and suede, they are a bitch and a half to break in...whether that's why they were so frighteningly tight on me when I tried them on, we'd only like to hope!! When I threw my heels off on Christmas to try these babies on, only to realised that they might not be the right size, the vibe in the room changed real quick-like :/ I walked around in them with a giant pair of socks, keeping them on for a good 12 hours the day following and although they are still quite tight (again, these materials take awhile to break in and form around your feet) but they are also pointed in the toe so there's a few things "working against us", if you will.  That being said, I think it'd have been a good idea to have gotten them in even just half a size larger.  I tend to fit a US 8-8.5 (EU 38-38.5/UK 5.5-6) in pretty much all shoes and these were a solid 8.




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