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03 May, 2017

(E)'motions, Tacos, & The Biggest

It was quite strange having already been in Arizona for almost a full two weeks prior to Lina arriving. Everything felt a bit topsy-turvy because we were limited in what we could/wanted to do without her. I really enjoyed having some one-on-one time with Daddy before little sis got to join us for some holiday fun but it was nice to be able to kick off the holidays properly as well.

After picking her up (IN MY ROCKSTAR COWBOY ASTRONAUT BOOTS...SAVED 'EM FOR A SPECIAL OCCASION!!) at the airport, we headed to Diego Pops to celebrate us all being reunited!! This is one of Lina and Daddy's favourite taco spots and it most certainly lived up to the hype they'd presented me with!! We kicked it off with some wicked Guac and crisps, and thereafter I chose three different tacos--one with fish, another with beef, and the third with chicken--accompanying them both with Prickly Pear Margherita as well as a Watermelon Mint one.  We finished off our respective meals with a Dulce De Leche ice-cream accompanied with some Churro fries.  

It was an early bedtime for the most of us though before tucking ourselves in, Lina finally got to tuck into her advent calendar where 17 full days of unopened prezzies awaited.  I was nervous as to whether or not this year's would be a hit as it was an all-around beauty calendar whereas last years from Ciaté was specific to a certain beauty product  

I wasn't sure if it'd either be too predictable or if she may well be nail-varnished out so I got her the ASOS Beauty Advent Calendar instead.  It was received with such enthusiasm that it not only placated my nerves but solidified it as being a top-notch advent prezzie idea for years to come!! 

It was beautifully packaged with a white and black marble-printed, reusable gift calendar, albeit much heavier than anticipated (lugging it over the Atlantic cost me quite a few kilos and certainly some space in my suitcase) and contained a bunch of highly sought-after sample-sized products, as well as some she hadn't heard of before but were most intriguing.

For those of you equally enamored with all things beauty as my sister is, it comes highly recommended! A great start to what will hopefully be a wonderful Christmas holiday with my fav Nugget <3 

The day following we three ventured out on our a much-delayed, though fairly so, Christmas tree hunt!!!  We always end up driving all around town looking for the perfect tree and yet, for the second, if not third year in a row, we've found ours at what has now been decided as henceforth being our go-to Christmas tree spot.  

This annual hunt is by far one of my favourite things to do and I most certainly couldn't imagine doing so without having Lina along for the ride.  I get a sense of child-like excitement, walking around all of the trees, seeking out just the right one.  The smell of fresh pine finding its way into my nostrils, the wood chips crunching beneath my feet as the heat exuding from the fire pit on the lot follows me around under the clear blue Arizona sky.  

This year's winner was chosen by Daddy and, although I find that both him and Lina have a penchant for selecting trees that "need a little extra love", it wound up being one of the biggest trees I can remember us having!


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