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25 May, 2017

Damaged & Daring: NYE 2016/2017

On the final day of 2016, Lina and I went on a shopping trip together.  Our sights were set on doing damage two different places.  Goodwill, for one, and Victoria's Secret, as the second.

How we decided on Taco Bell for lunch with Daddy, having eaten seemingly nothing but different variations of quesadillas and tacos the days prior, I haven't a clue but that Crunch Wrap Supreme still has a special place in my heart.

Full on cheeky junk food, Lina and I kicked off the day with Super Sale Saturday at Goodwill. She was hunting for some work clothes for interning at the Jane Goodall Institute this semester (WHAAAATTTT?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?) and I was just, well, hunting.  It hadn't occurred to me until the day of, when I was wearing one of the blazers I'd acquired last year at Goodwill, exactly how fond I'd become of the pieces I had purchased.  The amount of times that I'd used, specifically the two black blazers, is countless.  With that nugget of wisdom, I honed in on my search and desired goal.

I walked out with three new pieces:  one blazer, matching the exact colour of my eyes, a black one with red pin-stripes, and finally, a double-breasted (my favourite!!) navy blazer.  I found a very pretty gold and black leather belt along with these and including a small donation, I spent all of 16 USD. How could you top that?!

Our next stop was Victoria's Secret where we two intended to do some serious damage with the gift cards Daddy gave us for Christmas.  If there's one thing a girl can absolutely never have too much of, it's underwear!! We planned our trip, of course, to sync up with the famed Semi-Annual Sale and it did not disappoint.  I am now the happy owner of twenty-one (yes, you read that right!) new pairs of pretty knickers and I'm far too excited about it.

Thereafter, Lina and I had a gander at a few other stores, though nothing popped out to us and we headed home, grabbing coffees with Daddy along the way before the New Year's Eve preparations began.

Lionel's idea of prep was a "panty parade" and setting a beautiful NYE table.  Daddy was going to be doing the majority of the cooking, originally, and therefore, my idea of prep for the evening wasn't particularly extensive past squeezing in a workout and getting ready.  That changed quickly when in between doing so, Lina burst into the bathroom with a crazy look in her eye.  She'd just realised, thankfully so, that we had all completely forgotten about my making crème brûlées!!! It had been awhile since I'd been in Arizona for New Year's but I'd promised to make them this time around, knowing how much they enjoy them, and we had the ingredients all ready.

I wooshed into the kitchen and got cracking, it already being early evening at this point.  I was for whatever reason, knackered out of my mind all day and because of that I assume, none of this process was going even remotely my way.  I cracked the eggs, ready to whisk having added the necessary amount og sugar, and then realised that of course I hadn't separate the yolk from the whites...I nearly burnt the cream and vanilla mixture and definitely succeeded in burning myself twice.  Off to a rather depressing start admittedly, it was a start nonetheless.  They needed at least three hours to cool and finish setting and time surely wasn't on my side but I finished up the dessert in time for Lina and I to sneak out to give Daddy some space to be able to begin his cooking.  We enjoyed a bit of sister time in the jacuzzi over drinks before deciding to keep the outfits to a bare minimum for once and jumped in our jammies.  Now, I don't know about you but I'll take PJ's over a tight, sparkly dress almost any day!!

We lounged about in our comfortable attire sipping Champagne and getting grilling tips from Daddy, all while watching Gaga and Tony Bennet performing live at the Lincoln Centre on DVD before absolutely gorging ourselves on shrimps, lobster tails (or rather, for me a nice, fat juicy burger), Oysters Rockefeller, and finally, crème brûlées.  Or so we thought.  I have made them to near perfection every time but this time, it.was.soup.  Perhaps it was because I didn't have the exact measurements required to follow the recipe or that in nearly doubling the cooking, it still somehow wasn't enough...Oh well :/ 

Disastrous desserts aside, it was a really cosy, low-key night.  Lina decided it was the perfect time to make a hairstyle change about forty minutes to midnight so as I was sick, having consumed my entire liquid crème brûlée, she made the fringe she'd been going back and forth over.  I'd say it was surprisingly safe to say that she was quite content with the outcome.

The only other "glitch" from the final evening of 2016 was that it was so clouded over (of all days and in Arizona nonetheless) that the firework show we can usually see from the balcony was completely obscured.  It was honestly creepier than it was entertaining as we could still hear them going off but hey, we rang in the New Year, champagne flutes in hand and hugs all around nonetheless.

As always, the previous year was filled with highs and lows but I must admit...2016 seemed to have more lows in store for me and my loved ones than the latter and I'm hoping 2017 will have a different tune to it.

Happy New Year!!

We used the 1st. of January on a bit of cleaning but mostly to nibble on Lina's unicorn-esc. Kransekage bits, re-bake my crème brûlées, and finish our Harry Potter marathon.  Now that's how to start the new year in a productive manner!  We also did a photo-shoot to document Lina's ab fab new fringe which you can enjoy below ;)



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