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15 May, 2017

Christmas, 2016

IT'S CHRISTMAS!!!! CHRISTMAS IS HERE!!! CHRISTMAS!!! CHRISTMAS!! CHRIIISSTMASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (...and at this point we are almost halfway there!)

On that joyful note, Happy Hanukkah/Merry Christmas/Happy Kwanza (I'd continue but I do not know the other odd 28 holidays being celebrated before, during, or after the above three) to you all!!

Michael came over bearing wonderous gifts to share with us over tea and coffee.  He made the most beautiful and scrumptious fresh fig cake in addition to having lugged a bunch of eggs and mixed fruits and herbs for us to enjoy.  Equally as exciting if not more so (I said thing occasionally comes before food!!) was the trade!! Daddy's deep-fryer for Mdogg's record player!! This boy fits in so gosh darn well--a love of music and food, in whichever order, is of the highest importance in this family.

Following yet another much needed uni-related rant and encouragement session (these seem to be occurring an awful lot these days), having sufficiently stuffed ourselves until the very thought of moving seemed an impossibility (gotta love the holidays), we exchanged gifts before the time came for us to get in the kitchen and finally learn how to make the traditional Danish Christmas feast our family has come to know and love.

That being said, we collectively decided to do things a bit differently this year.  For starters, we chose to only have the breast of the duck in place of the whole duck, Daddy made the heated red cabbage from scratch, I passed up on my poached apples and jam as I'm the only one who eats it and there are far too many that go to waste each year, and somehow we ended up with a good five kilo of Risalamande hahahaha Lina and I got hands-on when it came to the dessert prep but alas, none of us know how we managed to make that much!!

As per usual, the halls weren't the only things all decked out (HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHA...stop me). I felt like the Queen of Christmas in my regal black and gold floor-length chiffon gown but Lina gave me a run for my money!! I always love to see how she pieces her ensembles together.  This is for the most part because it's so often an outfit that I would a) never put together myself (not for lack of it looking amazing!!) and/or  b) being something I questionably could pull off.

Christmas dinner was scarfed down at an unhealthy pace (as was Lina's new favourite drink...that bottle of Cava went down quiiicckkkk) but very, very much enjoyed!! We lit the Christmas successfully (by which I mean lighting the Christmas tree's candles and  only the Christmas tree's candles on fire), soaking in it's uniquely peaceful glow for all of five minutes before paranoia took over and we blew out the candles again and then started on presents!!

Now, this might be an absolute fabrication (I doubt it) but I'm calling Daddy's fav as being the mousepad he received with my face plastered all over it, hands down.  Lina all but fell out of her seat (no, not because of the Cava) when she opened up the elegant little gold butterfly earrings she was eyeing-up this summer at Pandora and I spent the entire following day (no exaggeration) (breaking) in my fabulous new leather boots.

After making room for a bit of dessert and some more wine, a living room dance party that seemed never-ending was had before Christmas Eve, 2016 officially came to a close.




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