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10 May, 2017


The non-blood related siblings were reunited once again!! Asher and I headed up to Lina's personal favourite brunch place, Snooze, for special Mimosas and some scrumptious brunch food.  I was so excited and although the food was fab, it'd have been a lot more so if it was actually warm :/ I'm sure this was just because they were busy, that my plate had been left for too long before being brought to me and given that I ordered an "Italian" Eggs Benedict, it cools down in all of a split-second as is.

From the moment I got in the car, we spent our time essentially just bitching, comparing, ranting, and discussing Law School in all of its gore and glory.  Asher is graduating this year over here so to hear a bit more about what he was learning and doing to prepare, ultimately, for the Bar, was very much appreciated as I plan on returning to The States to convert my degree once completed.  It was so nice to be able to talk to somebody who seems to be going through the same immense levels of sleep-deprivation, confusion, self-doubt, and overall anger towards humanity...all because of the common ground shared in having selected the same degree and career-choice.

When we weren't discussing all things Law-related or playing catch-up, we were just playing!! Victoria, shy and protective as she is, quickly warmed up to me (as did the evil dog whom I've affectionately dubbed 'Monster') presenting me with her favourite pink My Little Pony Toy before requesting swinging time.  It became quite clear that the play set Mads had set up the year prior had definitely been put to good use since then!!

She's just turned two and she was an absolute pro so clearly someone's had an awful lot of practice! Apart from being the chosen swing-pusher, I was essentially just a desired audience member and protector.  Asher accompanied us soon thereafter, of course to be equally impressed with her untouchable sliding skills, before we headed off for a bit of bowling.

I let him win.  My dearest "big brother" appeared to be more desperately in need of a kind opponent than I, even in my most competitive of states, was for a win.  You're welcome ;)

Besides, we had to make sure there was time to play arcade games afterwards and I'd like to add, bowling with a full set of acrylics on is as strange a feeling as it is a paranoid execution when you play as I do.  Why roll the ball when you can throw it half-way down the lane??  No excuses!! I secured at least four strikes while Mr. League Bowler managed one in the final round.

Arcade games are hilarious.  As you grow older, it becomes apparent that winning in some of these games is as must sheer dumb luck as it is useless (RIGGED!!!) but we didn't let that stop us from trying and we walked out with a pretty decent amount of tickets.  These let us secure some pretty cool prizes, if I may say so myself.  We got matching bottle-opener rings (I'd like to think that this means we are not the only people of our age who frequent the arcade) as well as some sweets before heading home to Thai Food, red wine, and Egg Nog with the rest of the fam and squeezing in some chalk-board fun with Vickie in between last-minute packing for their trip to Colorado the day following.



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