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22 May, 2017

A Sephora Selection

Am I the only one that feels like makeup brushes are one of those things that you always need?!

I find myself either disliking the ones that I've got or the ones that I am fond of either wind up break or need replacing for one reason or another.  In between that mix I find myself playing a guessing game as to which brushes are meant for what use and I haven't got the brushes that are, in all technicality, required for applying a certain kind of makeup in a certain way, I improvise with those I'm in possession of until I find the proper ones.

I've recently found myself struggling to improve my makeup skills whilst in possession of my current brushes in addition to really just feeling overall quite let down by them since I randomly purchased them a few months ago.  I'm still surprised by this as they were from the brand Eco Tools (whom I otherwise swear by) but they looked and felt different to the ones I'd experienced beforehand.  I've come to figure out that it was a special collection they'd done that has since been discontinued.

I came across the perfect set (given what brushes I felt I was lacking) from Sephora.  I've never heard any positive or negative reviews regarding their own brand of brushes but when I saw that it had both a contour, foundation, and concealer brush (in addition to the others), I was already sold.  The set I purchased is available here.

Along with this, I purchased a new concealer as well.  I haven't felt the need to use a concealer up until recently again with my levels of stress sky-rocketing and good sleep becoming more and more of a rarity. Lina let me give the one she uses a go (This being the one) and I had good results.

I am very happy with how sturdy and accurate these brushes are overall.  I've used about 4/6 almost daily since buying them back in December with positive reviews.  The only one that I'm not particularly keen on is the concealer brush as I don't feel that it blends very well and always wind up using my fingers.




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