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24 April, 2017

The Day Of

THE DAY FINALLY ARRIVED WHOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Following a proper luxury Sunday filled with sleeping in late after a nice night out on the town, a big breakfast, nap time, pampering, seeing some of the favs, sushi, and TV series big-watching, I could not have been more ready to jet off and finally, finally, F I N A L L Y get to see my Daddy again.

The airport journey went by seamlessly, as did the flight itself but I really felt as though it just dragged on and on, regardless of how many movies I watched, the extra space I had to possibly fall asleep, the strength of my G&T's, time just stood still.  I was extremely impatient to just get to AZ and be with my family though and while I'm always excited to travel and impatient as all hell as an individual, I think that excitement combined with nerves and lack of patience when travelling just drags the trip out even longer.

I got up to stretch my legs at one point and had a look out the window just as we were flying over North Dakota and man, that blizzard that I'd heard about (due to the Standing Rock protests) was very much visible, even from 30,000 ft....and that should be saying something.  It was absolutely beautiful, especially with the sun sneaking through the clouds on the horizon.

AND THEN, AFTER THOSE BLOODY 12 HOURS, the time came where I got to see my cute Daddy's face staring out in the crowd as he stood, patiently waiting for me in the airport.  A whole 365 days later....that hug feels good y'all.

So happy to be in AZ again & I absolutely cannot wait for Lina to come!!  It was a bit weird "just" having Daddy waiting for me in arrivals as for the past 6 years, little Lionel's been there to smash into me with a run & cuddle and now, because of her midterms at her uni, she's flying in later than me.  I guess I'll be the one on the receiving end at Sky Harbor for once then!!

Wishing anyone and everyone travelling this holiday season a safe journey <3


The best part of the trip is when your screen shows this!!

Breakfast at night, mmmmhmmmm.  How cute are these mini pancakes?!

Please note the chocolate bowl as a backup chocolate reserve just incase I didn't get enough from the chocolate advent calendar I've been given since I was a kid (some things never get old!)

When you wake up at 5 AM because of jet-lag and decide to unpack

This mini Christmas tree is such a warming symbol of home for the holidays to me.  Along with the chocolate calendar and my Winnie The Pooh stocking, I don't remember a time when I didn't have a mini Christmas tree in my bedroom with rainbow lights on :)


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